Tuesday, April 26, 2011

New Upcoming Book

Greetings everyone, My name is Kerry Fowers and I am trying to become an author. I have created this blog in the hopes that I will get some exposure for my upcoming book. Allow me to introduce my book            "Divine Help."

           Detective Jacob Alexander feels his life couldn’t get any better. His girlfriend Jessica Storm is the most beautiful woman in the world, or at least in all of Ireland, her homeland. They are expecting their first child, a son they have decided to name Isaac Storm Alexander. They live together in a small town located in the Mountains. Little does the detective realize that his life is going to change dramatically. As Jake leaves to go into town to get some parts, he doesn’t notice a black SUV headed up the mountain.

            When Jake gets back he discovers his girlfriend has been murdered. After he lays her and their unborn son to rest, he vows to them that they will be avenged and that he will find who ever has done this and they will pay with their life. The case goes cold and he is told not to work it anymore. He decides that he needs a new change of pace, so he transfers to a police force that is as far from where he is from that he can get. He eventually falls in love with a beautiful southern belle named Megan, and they build a life together.

            Suddenly his past resurfaces and new leads are found in his girlfriend’s case. He isn’t sure if he should tell his wife about his past. It seems as if his past won’t let him be. The dreams begin again and his wife, Megan, is getting concerned about his welfare. One night he has a most vivid dream, and in the dream his late girlfriend and unborn son come to him and offer their help in finding out who killed them. With a new determination he starts working the new leads and goes after the murderers.

            The people who have wronged him, start trying to take him out, but he thwarts them at every turn. These people even go after the people who mean the most to Jake. This just makes Jake’s determination stronger, knowing he is getting closer to finding them.

            Jake battles with the emptiness he has inside, and finally talks to his loving wife about his past, hoping that will replace the emptiness he is feeling. His wife asks him to trust her and that she knows someone that can help him, as he struggles with both finding the people who turned his life upside down and the internal issues he has.

I will let everyone know when I get this book edited and publish. Please check back for more info on upcoming books as well as this one.